Please hold your box from the bottom and support the sides.

When you arrive to collect your cake please have your car cooled with an air conditioner and have a space cleared in the front


Leave the cake in the box until it is ready to be served. Your cake can be kept at room temperature overnight if the room is reasonably cool (or air conditioner temperature during hotter months)

Please note if transporting the cake to another venue, keep it in the fridge so it travels cold.

If you store it in the fridge, bring it out to allow it to warm and soften to room temperature for at least 2 hours before serving

Portions and Cutting

You will be able to achieve the number of portions requested by cutting into a grid pattern, 1"x1" for coffee size or 1"x2" for dessert portions. You will then cut each slice in half long ways.

If you have any leftover cake it can be stored.

Inner Support

If you have a cake with extra height or more than one tier, your cake will have internal support- The top layer will be free to cut but as you cut downwards you will feel a board inside separating the tiers.

Cut the top layer as advised in the “portions and cutting” section, then remove the inner board, as well as the piece of baking paper that is under it.

In the next layer, there will be support “pillars” that you need to be aware of so you don’t cut into them. You can cut downwards alongside them and then pull them out when they are exposed.


Please peruse the shop for predesigned options, or for a custom-designed cake please proceed to my inquiry form which can be found here: